40 days of Service Blog
March 11, 2017, 9:14 AM

40 Days of Service Day 10

Morning Prayer: Lord, how can I serve you today?

Scripture: Luke 7:36-50

Jesus must have done something amazing in the life of Simon. Simon was a Pharisee, but Jesus made a big enough impact on his life that Simon invited Jesus to his house for a meal. But that night a woman who lived a sinful life heard that Jesus was going to be there. It appears that nobody knows this woman’s name, but they are familiar with the life that she has lived. Why is she there? Apparently, Jesus must have done something amazing in that woman’s life as well. Our service to God is determined by our love for God. Our love for God is determined by our view of God’s grace.

They both have received the grace of God. How could they repay God for His grace to them? Maybe Simon felt that he could pay Jesus back by inviting him to his house for dinner. This woman on the other hand, pours out everything she is (her tears), and then everything she has (her perfume), on the feet of Jesus. Simon received Jesus as a friend; this woman received Jesus as her master.

How much do you love the Lord today? Is Jesus your friend or your master? Evaluate your life and the forgiveness that you have received. Does Jesus get an invitation to dinner, or a jar of perfume?