40 days of Service Blog
March 27, 2017, 8:13 AM

40 Days of Service Day 23

Morning Prayer: Lord, how can I serve others today?

Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46

Are you a sheep or a goat? It is interesting that both the sheep and the goats call Jesus, ‘Lord’. This parable is talking about people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe this parable is speaking to the church. Both the sheep and the goats would do anything for Jesus. If they saw Jesus as a stranger, hungry, thirsty, naked, sick or imprisoned, they would serve Him. The problem is, neither the sheep nor the goats see Jesus.

I think the reason why the sheep and goats never see Jesus, is because they are looking for Him in the wrong place. We think that Jesus is the homeless man on the streets. He is hungry and thirsty and needing clothes and so we feed and clothe him. We think that the refugee without a country is Jesus, so we invite him in. Maybe those people really are Jesus in disguise, or maybe Jesus is sitting in our church. He is hungry and thirsty but we never notice Him. Maybe Jesus is the stranger who comes to one of our services, but we are so connected with our friends that we fail to notice Him. Maybe Jesus is the forgotten church member who has been sick and unable to attend. Maybe Jesus is the fallen church member who has broken the law and now is in jail.