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March 6, 2017, 7:51 AM

40 Days of Service Day 5

Morning Prayer: Lord, how can I serve you today?

Scripture: Daniel 6

Have you ever felt like not showing up to work or school? It is hard to stay motivated 100% of the time. Twice King Darius comments that Daniel serves his God continually. I wonder if the people that see us the most could make the same observation about us. The people who notice us the most are our kids and grandkids. They are our teachers and classmates. They are our coworkers and bosses. Darius’ life was changed because of the example that Daniel set. Maybe your commitment to God might change the lives of your kids and grandkids, your teachers and classmates, your coworkers or boss.

Are we continually serving God, or are we taking a time-out when things get difficult? During this season of Lent, there will be times when you wake up and you will not want to read your morning devotional. There will be times in the evening when you are so tired that you just want to go to bed without spending time with God. I want to encourage you through this journey to commit yourselves to serve God continually. Morning, noon or night, may those watching you the most, notice your continued service to God.


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