Ministry Team

Sr. Pastor, First Church of the Nazarene

Rev. Allen D. Hughes Jr.

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Pastor Hughes began his ministry at Wichita Falls First Church of the Nazarene on October 2, 2005. He has a wonderful wife (LeAnna) and three precious boys (Benjamin, Caleb, Ethan). Pastor Hughes graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a Bachelors Degree of Theology in 1996. His first pastorate was in Blytheville, Arkansas. Pastor Hughes was ordained as an elder in the Church of the Nazarene by General Superintendent Dr. Jerry Porter on June 26, 1998.  In June of 2000, he began his second pastorate in Caddo, Oklahoma. While pastor in Caddo, he also served four years as NYI President for the Southeast Oklahoma District Church of the Nazarene. On December 10, 2005, Pastor graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a Master's Degree of Theology. In April 2013, Pastor Allen was elected to the board of Trustees at Southern Nazarene University. The only flaw in his otherwise unblemished reputation, is his love for the Washington Redskins

Pastor, Iglesia del Nazareno Cristo Vive

Rev. Allen Hughes

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1 De junio de 2007, Wichita Falls Primera Iglesia plantó una Congregación Española y el Centro de compañerismo nació una iglesia tipo Misión. Ha sido un mal comienzo para esta congregación y en mayo de 2013, el Centro de compañerismo dice adiós a su tercer pastor en menos de 6 años. Pastor Allen comenzó a enseñarse a sí mismo Español, de manera que podía ministro especial de esta congregación. El 1 de octubre de 2013, el Centro de compañerismo se convirtió en un PAC (Padre Afiliado Congregación) con Wichita Falls, Primera Iglesia, y el Reverendo D. Hughes Allen Jr. se convirtió su pastor. En el Domingo de Pascua 2014, el Centro De Compañerismo nació de nuevo, recibir un nuevo nombre. Iglesia del Nazareno  Cristo Vive. Jesucristo vive, y porque él vive, nuestra iglesia ha nueva vida también.  

June 1, 2007, Wichita Falls First Church planted a Spanish Congregation and Centro De Companerismo was born a Church Type Mission. It has been a rough start for this congregation and In May of 2013, Centro De Companerismo said good bye to their third pastor in less than 6 years. Pastor Allen began to teach himself Spanish, so that he could minister to this special congregation. On October 1, 2013,  Centro de Companerismo became a PAC (Parent Affiliated Congregation) with Wichita Falls, First Church, and Rev. Allen D. Hughes Jr. became their pastor. On Easter Sunday 2014, Centro De Companerism was born again, receiving a new name. Iglesia del Nazareno Cristo Vive. Jesus Christ lives, and because he lives, our Church has new life also.  

Administrative Consultant

Ken Edwards

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Ken and his family first attended First Church of the Nazarene in 1968. After a couple of years in the Philippines in 1971-1973 they returned for good. He retired from the Air Force in 1973 and worked as a corporate pilot for an oil company until his retirement (again) in 1997.  He is active in the church in music and is currently the church treasurer.

Sunday School Superintendent

Bob Stivers

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Bob Stivers has been a member of Wichita falls First Church since 1986.  A Native Californian who transferred residency to Texas, when transferred by the Air Force. He retired from the Air Force after 30 years of service.  He currently is an instructor at Sheppard AFB.  Bob has experience as a sunday school teacher and superintendent, a teen worker, vacation bible school fill in worker, board member, maintenace worker,  praise team member and Emcee. Bob has been affectionately known as "Brother Bob Blessing" , which is always a signal for excitement.

Bob and his wife Martie have two children who also attend the First Church with their families.

Children's Director

Larry Gulley

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Missions, NMI President

Sandra Sterkenburg

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Sandra became our Missions President  March 2014.


Youth, NYI President

Douglas Gulley

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Chuech Treasurer

Martie Stivers

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Office Manager

Valerie Presley

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Valerie and her husband Jim started attending FirstChurch in 2000. They instantly loved the family feel of the church, and the friendliness of the people. It felt right!  They have been attending ever since. Valerie is now the Office Manager. She figures it was The Lord's plan for her to take the job. Although she was active in other areas in the church such as, taking part in Bible Studies, Dare To Care, Teaching the 2's & 3's class with her daughter Brandi, and later moved to teaching the 1st & 2nd grades, this Office Manager Job kept becoming available when she was not employed. So the third time available, she applied for the position (she had never applied before) and was accepted. She loves her job and does not know why it took her so long to take it. She loves the Lord with all of her heart. She feels that He has her where He wants her now, at least for the time being. God is in control at all times, sometimes we just need to be still and listen to Him.

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